SEGH’s Global Health Crisis Case Competition

Kashvi Gupta

MPH ’19

Students Engaged in Global Health (SEGH) is planning our first-ever university-wide “Global Health Crisis Challenge.” The competition will focus on a relevant and reasonably complex global health issue, such as a natural disaster or an infectious disease outbreak. Students will be challenged to find a real-world solution to the problem that is both innovative and sustainable. Presentations will be judged on the feasibility of the solution, the involvement of all stakeholders in the development of the solution, optimization of resources present in the country assigned and those allocated as well as cultural appropriateness of the solution. On the first day of the competition, teams will be given the case details and they will additionally receive text messages, emails and social media content (through our Instagram and Facebook handles) about ongoing updates in the case. Teams can use details from the case and stimulation of the crisis to strategize and develop their solution. They will also have access to the library resources and guidance on how to navigate the resources. Next day, teams will be asked to present their proposal to a panel of judges as well as the press (that is, the audience) followed by a question and answer session. The competition will enable students to develop skills to manage uncertainty, and lead teams in high-stakes environments.

Library Mentor: Preet Rana