Global Identity and Altruism

Aber John Espinoza

BA ’21

Our current project is a follow-up to research we completed in India last year, where we found that cultural openness and respect for diversity explain the relationship between global identity and heightened global prosociality. In this project proposal we are looking to extend our work in India to include an experiment testing the same variables as our first correlational study, using the experimental manipulations of global identity we developed in the United States. This project is unique in that studies focusing on superordinate identity have been predominantly conducted in Western countries while this study was conducted in India, a non-Western country, that has experienced significant Westernization and globalization in regard to tourism, business, and culture since the mid 1800s. By providing evidence that those who identify as “global” are more globally prosocial toward out-groups, this research builds upon previous literature focusing on the connection between global identity, intergroup relations, and prosociality, while lending an Indian perspective.

Library Mentor: Hailey Mooney