[RE]vive – Refugee Education Initiative

Ayah Kutmah

BA ’20

[RE]vive began as a student project initiated by myself and my partner, Brooke Bacigal, to address the “Lost Generation,” a term referring to a generation of Syrian students that, due to the longevity of the conflict, have been unable to go to school and access education. We spent last year developing a College Preparatory and Professional Development workshop for Syrian refugees in Istanbul, Turkey. Along with other team members, my partner and I worked with the Karam Foundation to host and teach this two-week long workshop to both students and teachers. The resounding success we observed and the relationships we made inspired me to expand this project to refugee communities in the US. The next stage of our project is to refine the curriculum we had developed over the summer, particularly to be more US-centric, and create multiple “versions” of the curriculum so that the material can be taught in different time increments. While doing this, we plan on reaching out to leaders and NGOs in various refugee communities to be able to then host these workshops and access these communities.

Library Mentors: Gabriel Duque and Marna Clowney-Robinson