Map your Story, Wear your Story

Adrianna Kusmierczyk

BFA ’19

Through the process of conversation and collaging historical maps with found imagery, I will create a series of mixed media “identity maps” that will be printed onto textiles to design customized garments. While doing some summer reading I came across a term used by the Situationist International group, psychogeography, the idea that environments shape human emotion and behavior. I decided to make this a key term in the development of my research on how people’s identities are shaped by places, their surroundings, and their upbringing. Every individual featured in this project will end up with a customized print and garment that tells a story about their identity. The customized collages will include maps from hometowns, old photos, memories, patterns and other elements that I feel will best represent the individual’s identity and personality after having interviewed them. The final exhibition will feature the hanging textile prints and a styled photo of the individual and their custom garment within a publication. To help understand my project visually I have attached this link ( to my thesis process blog that I will be updating with iterations, research and inspiration.

Library Mentors: Jamie Vander Broek and Tim Utter