Elegance Fashion Show

Catherine Daoud


Founded in the winter of 1978, Elegance Fashion was established in the effort to promote cultural expression in the face of many racial discriminatory acts and injustices against minority students. Our mission is to break down societal stereotypes with an annual show, in which all proceeds will go to a charitable cause and participating students are given the opportunity to display our campus diversity to the public. Through our many representations of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds, we hope to show that beauty has no standard and that it is not a necessity to conform to the norms of society. The Elegance Fashion Show has now become an annual event to celebrate the beauty of the diversity on the University of Michigan campus and is the most anticipated, action-packed fashion show of the year. We strive to incorporate fashion with theatrical elements and cultural diversity to educate the community on the importance of intercultural bonding.

Library Mentor: Jamie Vander Broek