Big Thicket National Preserve Community Engagement Intern

Broghan Sagers

MA ’18

I am working with the Big Thicket National Preserve in Texas to invite Texans to experience and unite around the land that represents their history and future. By introducing the community to Big Thicket and the opportunities  on the preserve represent one side of the project’s mission. The innovative goal is to take the preserve to the people; instead of relying on people coming to the preserve, the preserve will take a more active role in the community outside of Big Thicket. The promotion of environmental stewardship and fostering of a community could ultimately spread to afterschool education programs or exhibits at the library.

The preserve itself will reach out reach out via social media, newspapers, and the national park rangers to find what the community wants to learn or share about Big Thicket National Preserve. By working in this collaborative manner, Big Thicket National Preserve will spread and strengthen ties between itself and local organizations, businesses, schools, libraries, and individuals. The preserve will change from the only entity attempting to create community ties to a point in an interconnected community working collaboratively; a single community that encompasses the preserve and those who live around it.

Library Mentor: Alex Deeke