Parent Education Project: Supporting Parents of Malnourished Children in Haiti

Charity Hoffman

PhD ’20, American Culture

Espwa Berlancia is a malnutrition clinic in a suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti’s persistent childcare crisis has been exacerbated in recent years by natural disasters. Espwa Berlancia is one of only four in-patient malnutrition clinics in the country, a last buffer against conditions that otherwise force parents of severely malnourished infants and toddlers to turn their children over to orphanages, lest they die of illness or starvation. The clinic helps nurse those babies back to health with the aim that they can be returned to their families. Our project hopes to achieve the following: development of parent education curriculum (to be written in English and translated into Haitian Creole), supply printing of materials for parents who participate in education program, assist in setting up the physical space for the parent education center in Petionville, Haiti, and help with initial employment of Haitian staff for parent education center, including a health and nutrition educator, a business instructor, and agricultural instructor. You can read more about the malnutrition clinic here: And about the new parent education program here:

Library Mentor: Tyler Ni