Disordered Eating among Collegiate Athletes

Vivienne Hazzard

PhD ’19, Nutritional Sciences/Health Behavior and Health Education

The study seeks to advance understanding of disordered eating in female and male collegiate athletes. Additionally, the proposed study aims to validate an eating disorder screening tool that can be used for female and male collegiate athletes. This project allows for the University of Michigan School of Public Health to collaborate with the Eastern Michigan University Athletic Department and will culminate in written papers in peer-reviewed journals to share the findings. Overall, the aims of the proposed project are: 1. To validate the Eastern Michigan University eating disorder screening tool by conducting principal component analysis, examining internal consistency of the questions loading onto the same factors, and using the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire as the existing criterion to compare the new tool against. 2. To investigate longitudinal trends in eating disorder risk among male and female athletes from Freshman to Senior year. 3. To look cross-sectionally and prospectively at eating disorder scores by weight categories, specifically “normal” weight athletes versus underweight athletes versus overweight/obese athletes. 4. To examine the cross- sectional and prospective associations between eating disorder screening score and menstrual regularity in female athletes.

Library Mentor: Carol Shannon