Building Connections between University of Michigan Scientists and Michigan’s Native American Communities

Stephanie Pistorius

PhD ’21

Native Americans are currently underrepresented in science and in higher education. Taken together with the fact that indigenous viewpoints are frequently diminished in the United States, we have a severe lack of representation of the knowledge and perspectives of Native Americans, especially in the sciences. We aim to form collaborations with Michigan Native American tribes that will serve three main goals:
1. Bring awareness of different fields of science and opportunities to meet scientists to Native American youth.
2. Bring knowledge and awareness of dementia and aging to Native American elders.
3. Forge connections to the Native American community to learn about concerns related to science, medicine and higher education to inform research and education efforts at the University of Michigan.
It is clear that increasing representation of Native Americans in science will lead to better scientific discoveries. Innovative and creative ideas are not made when everyone thinks in the same way.

Library Mentor: Alex Rivera and Jasmine Pawlicki