Medical Surplus Redistribution: Project Ghana

Corey Efros

BS ’19

Blueprints for Pangaea is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that reallocates excess, unused medical supplies from hospitals in the United States to hospitals abroad. Our process includes collecting, storing, and arranging transport of these supplies to foreign hospitals. In our Ann Arbor chapter, we collaborate with Michigan Medicine by collecting their excess supplies and shipping them through partner Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations. Our organization’s unique supply redistribution has a three-fold impact rather than just one. Firstly, we redistribute supplies to those in need, increasing accessibility and helping save lives. Secondly, we curb supply chain inefficiency by redirecting the use of millions of dollars of supplies. Lastly, we substantially reduce exacerbation of carbon emissions and, consequently, environmental burden. More information can be found at and

Library Mentor: Preet Rana