D’s Senior IP Thesis

D Wang Zhao

BFA ’18

I’m creating a modular garment for trans, non-binary, agender, non-conforming folx* that can be adjusted by the wearer based on how they wish to present throughout the day. As a trans and gender non-binary person, I am constantly aware of how my presentation changes other’s perceptions of my gender, how they should/can interact with me, and which spaces I can/can’t have access to

As federal protections for trans folx are being rescinded by our current administration, I hope to offer at least one solution for them. I want to conceptualize a way for folx to feel comfortable in the clothing they have on and give them the tool to change their presentation with just what they have on.
Through my in-person interviews with other trans folx, key issues that were addressed included the respectability politics of dress and style, as well as the decision to wear validating outfits vs to dress to be more “passing*” or “safely”.

Library Mentor: Rebecca Price