Washtenaw County Autonomous Vehicle Consensus Conference

Anna Lenhart

MPP ’18

Across campus, experts present on the technology, regulatory and business opportunities surrounding Autonomous Vehicles (AV). The events are fascinating, but experts frame them—it is time for an event that invites “lay citizen’s” to share their perspectives on AV. The AV Consensus Conference in Washtenaw County will be a form of participatory planning where lay citizens, with no formal expertise in a technology, are empowered to share their values, concerns, and suggestions. Our steering committee for the conference is building relationships with: INspire, Mcity, CivCity and the EPA participatory planning division. This project will also provide a consensus report will provide these organizations with information on public values, while also empowering citizens of Washtenaw County who are traditionally left out of these conversations.

Library Mentor: Paul Grochowski