Upper-Body Powered Exoskeleton

Kevin Rabideau

BSE ’17, Computer Science Engineering

This project’s aim is to build a lightweight and practical upper-body exoskeleton that augments the strength of a healthy user’s bicep and tricep. The purpose of this project and this build team as a whole is to prove that exoskeletons can be made in a way that is both practical and cheap so they can be used in real world settings. To make it practical, we’re using lightweight building materials to make it as comfortable as possible, and using an EMG control system that allows the user to control the exoskeleton by simply moving their arm as they normally would. To keep it cheap, we’re using pre-existing technology and applying it to exoskeletons. Along with these goals, we want others to see our work and build upon it to further advance the field of exoskeleton technology. To make this possible we’re keeping the entire project open source so it can be easily replicated and improved by other students around the world. For this exoskeleton, we expect to attain an increased bicep/tricep strength of at least 15 pounds, while being able to operate for several hours.

Library Mentor: Leena Lalwani