University of Michigan Pretty Brown Girl Club: Dream Ball Celebration

Alexis Stanton

BS ’16, Women’s Studies/Psychology

The University of Michigan Pretty Brown Girl Dream Ball Celebration will be an empowering event—one in which we will invite the campus to join us in solidarity and celebration of Black and Brown student organizations. This is a campus-wide project, birthed from movements that have come before us (e.g. #bbum: Being Black at U of M) and informed by the current work Dr. Rob Sellers is embarking upon as the Vice Provost of Equity, Inclusion, and Academic Affairs. Our Pretty Brown Girl e-board is seeking to interview Black and Brown women on-campus to highlight their unique experiences—both positive and negative—at this institution. We would like to examine how student organizations can be vehicles of social change, and further explore the ways in which student participation and activism within student organizations works in conjunction with, or in opposition to larger institutional changes. We hope this event can serve as a platform for us to illustrate the importance of our impact on the lives of young girls/women, as well as highlight the connection to U of M’s greater goals of true diversity, equity and inclusion.

Library Mentor: Chuck Ransom