Bridging the Gap: A Partnership Between the Student Advisory Group on Engagement and the Young People’s Project

Matthew White

BSN ’17, Nursing

The Student Advisory Group on Engagement (SAGE) within the Center for Engaged Academic Learning is made up of undergraduate students from across campus and disciplines who collaborate with faculty, staff, and community members to create and enhance engaged learning opportunities by integrating the voices, ideas, and attitudes of students and community members. SAGE is organizing a campus day for high school students participating in the Young People’s Project (YPP) that would include focus groups with members of YPP with the goal of improving the program and a library project with the goal of increasing technology literacy skills. YPP is a math literacy program that uses a near-peer model. U of M hires undergraduate students to train high school students in how to teach math to middle and upper elementary school students in their communities. The goal of YPP is to help students from traditionally marginalized populations develop both math literacy skills and participate in community building and engagement. SAGE will organize the campus day with two broad goals: to evaluate the training that high school students in YPP receive and to instruct them in critical technology literacy skills such as using a library database to conduct a research project.

Library Mentor: Alex Rivera