Solidarity, Awareness, & Advocacy through Communication

Amytess Girgis

BA ’21


From left: Amytess Girgis and partner Hoai An Pham

2018 has been dubbed the “year of the woman” due to the increasing number of women engaging in activism and running for office. But is the “pink wave” a movement for all women, or only for white women? Scholars and activists alike argue that too many women of color are being left behind. In this project, we hope to pursue the roots of this disconnect and experiment with ways to promote the pursuits of women of color as they struggle for a voice in our politics. The podcast will discuss issues of race and gender in academics, politics, activism, and other everyday issues as they relate to college-aged women of color like us. We will use the podcast to host and spotlight women of color on and off campus working in fields of political significance and work to close the information gap about what intersectional feminism is and why it matters. In tandem with our podcast, we will aim to host informational seminars, discussions, and community events that invite others on campus to explore these issues and learn about opportunities to engage in areas often perceived to be “off limits” to women like them. As we fearlessly delve into these issues through conversation and engagement, we hope, ultimately, to help as many women as possible overcome them.

Library Mentor: Meredith Kahn